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Get me a good Project Manager

We all hear it. "We need someone who gets it." What is it? How do I get some? Do I read and follow the  Project Management Institute's recently published fourth update to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)? What about Agile, ITIL (Information Technology Information Library), PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) and all the other approaches to managing change? For what it's worth, I think they all work. And I don't have any concerns that someone from PMI headquarters is going to trot out and rescind my PMP designation if I make that claim. In fact, as a Project Manager, I learn from PMBOK that it is my responsibility to apply the appropriate methodology and tools given the needs of the project. Let's face it - greater folks than I have observed "there is nothing new under the sun". All methodologies are trying to facilitate a change from current state to future state. If we choose our tools and methodologies appropriately and according to the circumstances, it is really much more important that we agree on the approach, rather then which model we have chosen. So what are the non-negotiables for a Project Manager to be considered succesful and prove that they get it? I have five must-haves that I just can't live without. Will review them next post.


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