The ability to work with management and team members on shared goals to obtain alignment and resolve issues. A benefit of better communication is less time spent on conflicts. Read More



A style of collaborate, coach, and command, depending on the situation. A benefit of better leadership is improved team morale and productivity. Read More



Expert and core strength in project planning. A benefit of better planning is improved time to market and reduced impact from realized risks. Read More


Dramatically improve traction in complex initiatives.


About Stephen Wise


Stephen Wise helps companies deepen their competitive advantage by improving their ability to execute important initiatives.

For over ten years, top International organizations have requested Stephen’s help to implement their strategies such as improving their competitive offerings, increasing profitability, and expanding their business. He has developed compelling insights on the intersection of project execution, technology, and marketing. Stephen has worked on initiatives in Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Automotive, Branding, Acquisitions, Insurance, and Retail, Commercial, and Wholesale banking. 

Stephen is a proud member of the Society for Advancement of Consulting, the Project Management Institute. He has earned certifications from ITIL, PMI, and Microsoft.

  • “ Stephen was responsible for engaging all the stakeholders in a very innovative program. The impact on top of the house financials was gratifying for everyone involved. ” —   CFO.

  • “ The team was spread out between Toronto, New York, Bangalore, London, and Luxembourg. Through Stephen's leadership, once we started to deal with the real issues and work on realistic timelines, team morale steadily improved. ” — Group Head.

  • “ I really appreciate Stephen's leadership. ” —   Vice President.

  • “ I chose to highlight the teamwork and impact of this project team during my quarterly town hall as an exemplar of what we should all be doing. ” —   Executive Vice President.

  • “ Stephen is very good at what he does for us. ” —   Senior Director.

  • “ Stephen took the time to help everyone understand their responsibilities towards the team and he made it a really good experience. ” —   Senior Manager.