Consulting and Advisory

I provide Consulting and/or Advisory services to leaders. My advisory work is based on proven and repeatable project best practices used by small, medium, and large organizations to bring increased value. Consulting is more hands on and could include back-room coaching for key individuals or development of a hi-level timeline, for example.

Mergers and Acquisition

I help mid-market sized companies successfully deliver on the envisioned purchase. I lead the integration phase and I complement the lawyers, accountants, and other partners. What I bring to the table is that I am the only one focused on the Project Management aspects of the transaction. Less then half of all transactions realize the benefits envisioned on signing because once the deal has closed the deal makers have gone home and management is focused on trying to run the business.

Project Leadership

I partner with you to translate your big thoughts into concrete action steps and I manage the overall work to completion. During this process you will have less frustration delivering value, less disruption to your teams, and improved organizational engagement. Once I leave, your leadership and project teams will have improved execution skills for future projects which will lead to an ongoing return on investment.