Food Manufacturer Sale

The Situation

Food Manufacturer Ottawa area $6MM revenue seeks sale to any competitor has a long list of stalled accounting and manufacturing process/compliance deficiencies that need to be resolved.

The Intervention
  • * Established cadence of meetings augmented with roles sourced by Investment Banker
    • * Weekly meeting all hands status (risk management, decision making, dashboard review)
    • * Daily 9am 30min meetings with sub-teams (issue resolution, coaching)
  • * Concurrently setup Virtual Data Room prior to reaching out to market
  • * Disclosed timeline and list of improvements underway
Project Results
  • Benefits:

    • Advanced preparation by seller of Virtual Data Room increased number of prospective buyers and made it easier and quicker to understand the seller's business.
    • Sale completed in 5 months.
    • Momentum and effectiveness of changes resulted in buyer requesting and 'funding' additional initiatives.

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