About Stephen Wise

Stephen has the experience to solve your most difficult problems.

Execution, Technology, and Marketing

Working in product development, Stephen learned about creating new categories, fast-failure, hyper-fast development cycles, and data mining. Consequently, it was the perfect intersection of project execution, technology, and marketing.

While working on marketing strategy positioning, Stephen saw that a Marketing Manager and Project Manager are similar. Both roles are hub of the wheel, responsible for coordinating the spokes of Marketing, Sales, Legal, Operations, Technology, et cetera.

Sweet Spot

Stephen found his sweet spot - the discipline of execution grounded in strategy and informed by technology. As a result, Stephen positioned himself well and worked on-site and remotely with many large international companies.

Competitive Advantage

Stephen embraced Project Management as a driver of competitive advantage for companies. The benefits: faster time-to-market, improved team work, increased likelihood of project success, and improved cohesiveness of diverse teams.

After leading large and successful projects developing a Call Centre, coordinating a billion-dollar Merger & Acquisition, and leading a major Brand launch in the Energy sector, Stephen was recognized with a North American award for Innovation. Stephen also picked up a global award for Marketing work in the Texas market.

Integration Professionals

Stephen launched Integration Professionals in 2008. He has been working as a solo practitioner ever since. Word of mouth and referrals is the number one source of new work. However, along with referrals, new clients and new challenges are always welcome.

Emergency First Aid

In conclusion, Stephen has also embraced volunteer work. Such as providing athlete first aid on the field of play for high risk sports events at Pan-Am Games. When the snow flies, he has been seen taking charge of emergency situations performing on-snow rescue and administering aid.