M&A Valuation Strategy

The Situation

A Toronto-based Managed Services firm with $1.8M in annual revenues lacked an exit strategy. Intent on exiting within 3-8 years, the owner and staff were consumed by daily operations, limiting their capacity for strategic change.

The Intervention

Integration Professionals coordinated strategic meetings with the company's management and advisors to identify and prioritize opportunities for change. Key initiatives targeted included horizontal acquisitions, online sales and customer service enhancements, social media branding, ERP implementation for financial reporting, and strategic leadership hires.


  • Revenue Increase: Three acquisitions resulted in a 5x revenue increase by consolidating operations.

  • Digital Enhancement: A website redesign decreased customer inquiries by 35% within three months.

  • Brand Visibility: Effective social media campaigns improved brand presence in just three months.

  • Operational Efficiency: Implementing a finance ERP module streamlined financial processes and improved record organization.

Executive Takeaways

  • Strategic Planning: Essential for businesses eyeing an exit, demonstrating the value of careful planning and execution.

  • Flexibility: Prioritizing strategic initiatives based on their impact and feasibility is key.

  • Leveraging Technology: Digital marketing and ERP systems can significantly enhance scalability and efficiency.

  • Leadership: Strategic leadership hires are crucial for guiding companies toward their goals.

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