Ways We Help

Below are the more common intervention types

  • Execution Lead – Lead your important initiative; the President’s delegate.
  • Initiative Recovery – Intervene and get the initiative back on track; Mid-flight engine replacement.
  • Best Practices – Analysis and recommendations to improve project practices; Audit Insurance
  • Coach – Work directly with your initiative delegate to improve skills and behaviours leading to better outcomes; Coach’s corner.

Next Steps

  • We meet to discuss the challenges you are experiencing and the impact to your organization of overcoming these challenges including a discussion on specific objectives, what success looks like, overall timing, and any interdependencies with other corporate initiatives.
  • Joint discussion of approaches that would work best within your organization
  • Recommendation, with alternatives, of how Stephen Wise can help


Stephen will work with the appropriate stakeholders to identify and promote the needed actions to meet the business challenge discussed. Success criteria to trigger a transition plan off the engagement will be discussed up front.


Bumps along the road

Every initiative has a different Kryptonite (weakness), however, Stephen has developed the resilience to stay the course.